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Crossing the River

A bit about me

I operate from the fundamental belief that most people genuinely want to live their best life, do the best job they can, deliver the greatest value possible, treat others kindly and experience joy.


People who work with me are focused on removing the barriers that impede potential and want to create environments where success can thrive. 


Over the last 35+ years I’ve become an expert in leadership and human dynamics. I know the results that come when there is congruence of what we believe and how we behave.  I’ve led transformation initiatives for private industry and government organizations. I’ve coached CEOs, senior executives and rising stars paving a pathway to high performance and joyful lives. 


I am a Certified Master Professional Coach with a Master of Science in Organization Development from American University/ NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science and a Master in the Management of Change from The Johns Hopkins University. I rely on behavioral science, training and years of demonstrated results to help you gain greater insights and lasting self-awareness. 

I look forward to talking with you! 

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