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How it works:  We talk. We clarify what is most important to you. We commit. 

People work with me to discover why they feel stuck and to get unstuck. Together we ignite your passion, surpass stuck-ness and motivate you to live your version of a happy, joyous and impactful life. 

They work with me so they can finally answer the question “what is possible?”

People work with me because they know there is more for them and they want to access it!


Each coaching session centers around your unique goals. Leveaging curiosity and inquiry, we challenge self-limiting beliefs, and move you towards meaningful, measurable, results. 

It all starts with a single conversation. 

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Eight Week Package

This package is designed for individuals who are: 

  • Feeling out of balance with their values

  • Wanting to explore what might be next without judgment

  • Interested in achieving immediate goals

  • Wondering how to ignite what else might be 

Includes 45 minute sessions every other week with asyncronous support 

Six Month Package

This package is designed for individuals who are: 

  • Interested in finding true congruence between their values, beliefs and actions

  • Willing to actively explore their growth and development

  • Committed to working with a strategic thinking partner

  • On a leadership track and/or in a position of leadership

  • Have a burning desire to surpass their stuck-ness 

Includes a personality profile, 45 minute sessions every other week with asyncronous support 

One Year Package

This package is designed for individuals who are: 

  • Ready to live congruent with their values, beliefs and actions

  • Focused on a fulfiling life including achieving a range of short to long-term goals

  • Devoted to their continued personal growth

  • Elevating and sharing their leadership capacity

  • Appreciative of working with a strategic thinking partner

  • Motivated to live their version of a happy, joyous and impactful life

Includes a detailed personality profile, evaluation of interpersonal preferences,  45 minute sessions every other week, up to four ad hoc sessions and asyncronous support 

Coaching sessions can be conducted in-person, on the phone, or via zoom. Together we will decide the coaching format that works best for you.

It's time to Thrive! 

Our minds are constantly sabotaging our performance and happiness.  All of our negative emotions are the result of self-sabotage. Experience immediate and sustained improvements in both your wellbeing and performance. Our six-week program is behavioral and neuroscience based enabling you to grow your three core mental fitness muscles.  We leverage Positive Intelligence materials to support your growth. Our app delivers personalized daily practices, video lessons promote exploration and focus, and weekly coaching provides support and accountability critical to establishing lasting habits.

Choose Your Program

Join a Group

Six-week cohrt program with weekly group coaching sessions.



Eight week individual program includes goal setting pre session, weekly individual coaching and a follow up coaching session. 


Intact Group

Join as an intact group of up to six participants for a seven-week cohort experience.


Contact us for special pricing.


Leadership Development

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

Learning and Growth

Comprehensive programs and tailored workshops create the environment for individuals to unlock their leadership potential. Skill enhancement emphasizes inspiring others, communication, trust building, and decision-making.  Individuals become more effective, influential leaders.

Defining Possibility

What is the opportunity you, as a leader, have right here and right now? Together we articulate what is uniquely available to you, what conditions are colliding to make this the right time, ane define what needs to change to make it so. Defining what is possible creates genuine urgency without relying on fear-based tactics. Instead, we inspire and motivate. Give yourself a unique chance to advance, generate enthusiasm and engagement across all organizational levels, and ensure lasting change.

Leadership Development

Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics

High performing teams rarely “just happen”.  Deliberate attention to team dynamics is the means to ensuring team performance and success.  A team is more than a collection of  individual contributions. Teams have their own personality, expectations, unspoken rules, vision, and blind spots. 
Teams today are cross-functional, cross-cultural, cross-generational, multi-level, and virtual; they may be project or task teams, multi-level management or executive teams, boards of directors, merged organizational teams, and joint ventures/alliances.

We assist teams who are just starting up, adding new members, struggling or just want to fine-tune what is already working well.  

Team Launch

Provide your team with the advantage for success with an intentional launch. Effective for new or shifted organizations, project teams, new governing boards or anytime a group of individuals is coming together to acheive a goal. 

Team Intervention

Dysfunctional teams experience reduced productivity, missed opportunities, and damaged morale. Ineffective communication, conflict, and lack of collaboration can hinder progress and harm both individual and collective performance.  Elevate your team's performance with our tailored intervention. We identify key areas for improvement, provide targeted strategies, and foster a culture of excellence that will boost your team's success.

Building Trust

team fist bump.jpeg

Unlock team potential with our interactive Trust Workshop. Through interactive excercises  and open discussions, we explore what undermines trust, and how to strengthen trust, collaboration, and communication.

Superskills of Communication

Conversational skills are increasingly a core desired  competency. The need for authentic, open dialogue has never been greater.

Using a proven assessment, team members will discover the five key communication skills that enhance relationships and productivity and understand how their unique personality influences ability to apply these SuperSkills, and become a more impactful communicator.

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